Why you should care about movement

Believe the hype, he’s no longer a gym addict but a dedicated mover and still looks like this! No excessive cardio, but high quality strength building and movement.

I’ve had this interesting conversation with clients about how they never have placed high importance on practicing healthy movement. Exercise for them has never been a priority and has often looked like a 30 minute walk or the odd Pilates or Yoga with Adriene class. In essence they experienced exercise to be a form of punishment and never thought of it as something both strengthening, sustainable and relaxing.

Sound familiar?

This narrative is obviously not the same for everyone, but I do believe loads of us tend to forget that exercise doesn’t have to sound like torture. We are conditioned by society by classes labelled:
“Rise and Grind”
“Bums, Tums and Thighs”
“Core and Cardio Blast”
Or constant advertising from PT’s, gyms, fitness centers labeling:
“Fat Burning”
“Muscle Toning”
“Six pack in 6 weeks!”

These all feed the narrative that exercise is for fast fixes of fat burning all for the gain of a better looking body. Posters are donned with gorgeous athletes with unsustainable figures that likely spend their whole lives trying to look that way. It’s STUPID, but it sells.

“But Evey, why should I care about those things? Why should I care about movement?” .
I’m glad you asked.

Movement can be as simple as 10 minutes a day of gentle mobility that can address general aches and pain, build strength and change your relationship to exercise. The key isn’t in the blood, sweat and tears. It’s in the sustainable small habits that never leave us. I can almost bet my money that the results (physically, mentally, internally) from someone who periodically jumps on and off the “Rise and Grind” wagon are going to be far worse than someone who dedicates 10 minutes minimum to their health 5 days a week.

So how do you begin your movement journey?
Stop finding random YouTube videos and start doing live classes as these will help keep you accountable, correct your form and build your foundations (online or in the flesh). Online classes can be found as little as £5 or even free if you look hard enough. Find someone you have done your research in and fits your goals, you won’t stick to a regular class unless you feel you’re getting GREAT value from it. Aim to practice 1 – 2 movements you learnt in class throughout the week (even if it’s just once, you can always build from here).

Find time to sneak this practice into your day without it feeling like a chore. For example, get out of your desk chair and move for 5 minutes at least twice a day. You’ll not only get the benefit of practicing, but you will help undo the damage done at the desk and you’ll feel more refreshed and clear to continue your day.

Fall in love with the feeling of moving, feeling and performing better. Sometimes you might not feel like moving, and that’s OK. But I can guarantee that no matter how much you don’t want to show up to class, or practice for 10 minutes, you will ALWAYS feel better afterwards. Overtime the results begin to compound and you find that lower back pain doesn’t bother you as much or your arthritis has stopped flaring as often. The better you start feeling, the more you will want to practice movement and build mobility.

If you want to start your movement journey, please feel free to check out my website and classes. At the end of the day, I want you to research who will help you best and choose a coach who provides the most value. If you have an questions, you can reach me on my contact form or at eeveydoesit@gmail.com

Until next time.
Kia kaha

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