Movement for Medicine

I offer a range of services based on my experience as a dancer and experience using therapeutic movement to help eliminate pain from poor movement and recruitment patterns. Optimize your health and mobility, something available for anyone who wishes to build and develop their movement skills.

Weekly Classes – Beginner

Mobility 1 – Designed for the absolute beginner and/or person wanting to connect to their body better. Build strength to support the body and help ease movement related pain (e.g back pain sitting at a desk all day). This class is gentle and will help you connect mind to muscle, allowing you to understand the movements and why we practice them. Mobility 1 has no objective other than to relax, move, connect and breathe. Building strength isn’t all about the grind, learn to love exercise. 45 mins

Open drop in 1 x : £6
4 x bundle: £20

Mindful Movement – 4 week workshop (Online)

Mindful Movement – This workshop will be released in sequential order 1, 2, and 3. These will scale from basic connection work and graduate up to develop your movement and mobility vocabulary.

Mindful Movement 1 – The foundation of mind to muscle connection. In this workshop we will explore how you can better connect to your body through movement, it doubles as a mobility and mindfulness session, teaching you to strengthen the neural pathway between your brain and muscle tissue. Although I have designed this for beginners, it works well for anyone seeking a stronger connection to their body and has exceptional carry over for any athlete. By the end of the course you will have the tools to connect to lower, mid and upper body and how to formulate your own routine and how to scale it. This is a mix of live classes and a written guide for you to take home. You will also have exclusive access to the movement library (youtube video) to review the course moves at anytime.
£60 – Please contact if you would like to book this course. (Maximum 15 people)

Additional Services (Online & in person)

1:1 Mobility Program

(Perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to enhance their life)

Movement basics is the foundation of Movement for Medicine. You will gather the skills to optimize range of motion with the end result being that you are able to perform these movements for the rest of your life. This program will require basic zone testing to evaluate where your mobility is least developed and build solid movement patterns for a healthier and happier life.

Starting at £150 4 week mobility program (can last 6-8), 1:1 session, check ins, and recorded training sessions.

Movement for Performance

Ideal for great movers and athletes

Movement for Performance will require the same zone testing as Basics to assess where performance may be lacking due to weak movement patterns. Movement for performance takes you beyond movement for medicine and into the realm of higher levels of mobility/ active flexibility. Build emphasis on your end ranges to reduce injury and enhance performance.

Starting at £60 – 60 minutes
Discounted 1st Assessment

Mindful Massage

Connect mind and body in the ultimate relaxation massage.

Qualified with an International Diploma in Massage Therapy coupled with my knowledge about the body and mindful connection – this massage provides a totally unique approach to healing and relaxation. Increase blood flow, reduce stress and learn how to connect and relax tightness and tension in the body.

Starting at (not including travel):
£35 for 30 minutes
£60 for 60 minutes

*All prices exclude travel and are variable dependent on clients needs and time allocated. Please inquire for a quote and personalized prices. Buddy up and Group classes can also be arranged at a reduced price.

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