Consultancy Services

I’ve worked for multiple companies and never felt fulfilled by wellness initiatives. Hire a professional consultant to take the work away the guesswork and let your employees execute what they do best. You’ll save time, money and leave all the hard work with an experienced professional.

Add unbelievable value to your employees life and they will feel and perform their best.

Explore the options below or request a totally unique or blended experience for you workplace.

Well-being Programming

Take the guess work away with well-being and purchase one-off or totally unique packages designed to fit your employees needs. Completely customize-able from ideas for well-being weeks to one year of well-being initiatives, activities and planned workshops. Set your budget and receive a full menu of options that fit your workplace needs.

Contract me by weekly or monthly hours to produce, educate and/or manage your well-being needs.

Webinars and Workshops

Just need a top up? Out with the old boring webinars and still, sleepy workshops and in with the new and interactive learning experience. These are short, snappy and designed to deliver information in an efficient and effective way. Select from a range of health and wellness initiatives:

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Mobility at and away from the desk
  • Overall health and wellness
  • Sleep, rest and getting away from the desk
  • Enhancing daily activity
  • Mindset > Motivation
  • Mental Resilience

Customize your options, blend workshops and know you’re getting great value and delivery. No more 60 minute boring seminars.

Desk Detox

We all know sitting at the desk is detrimental to health – offer your employees incredible value to their daily life by expanding their knowledge on how to care for their posture properly.

Desk Detox is the highlight of all programming and comes free with any 1 month or longer well-being program. 30 Minutes of movement, strengthening and postural reset to undo the damage done at the desk.

In house office massage

In house massage service for over the clothes office massage. Compliments the Desk Detox classes with upper body muscle relaxation an tension relieving methods for better postural habits at the desk. The ultimate pain reliving and refreshing addition to your office space.

Head, neck, shoulders, upper/lower back all done from the comfort of a desk chair. 10 to 30 minute sessions available for staff to book into weekly (1-3 hour time-frames).

Level 4 International Diploma in Massage Therapy.
Must have a private space room or space to use.
Prices start from:
£10 – 10 Minutes dependent on travel time and appointment blocks.

I was struggling with my Rhuematism and Evelina changed the way I interacted with my disease and gave me the tools to live a better quality life. Knowledgable, smart, modern approach to a new era of wellness management.


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