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Evelina Sjardin

Health & Wellbeing Coach / Consultant

About Evelina

Since I was a child I have been managing my chronic illness. In 2014 I studied biology to have a better understanding of myself, my illness and how I interact with the world. By the age of 21 I graduated with a first PGDip in Biology with a focus on environmental sciences. I always believed I would be changing the world through environmental policy and activism, but instead I’ve learnt that humans are more concerned with the world when they’re feeling their best.

I’ve taught mobility and flexibility to top level athletes and coached them through to competing and placing in national level competitions. Now I wish to expand my knowledge of high level performance to everyone so we can all feel our best.

I’ve coached aerial arts and movement for almost 8 years, hold two national titles, all whilst balancing travel, living in 3 different cities over two countries and travelling 3 continents.

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Wellbeing Programs

Bespoke programming for workplaces and individual professionals. Purchase one off programming or hire by hour for fresh planned bespoke programming (weekly initiatives, monthly themes, Q&A sessions, desk detox classes, mindfulness/meditation workshops) that fits you and/or your employees needs.

Live Webinars for Workplaces

Shake up the classic webinar and educate the workplace with a different perspective. Out with the boring presentations and in with the interactive learning experience and relatable content.

Let your employees decided where their knowledge gaps are and let me do the rest.

Desk Detox Program/Classes

Designed as the ultimate relaxation and restorative class for undoing the habits formed at the desk. Desk detox is gentle yet strengthening to help your employees feel their best throughout the day.

Build posture, improve efficiency and add value to your employees day.


Evey’s classes have been a bright spot in the pandemic, helping counteract many pain issues that come from spending hours in front of the computer, and they have also made me stronger and more agile than I’ve ever been. I’ve tried many YouTube yoga classes, but there is absolutely no comparison between those and Evey’s classes. Evey is incredibly precise and knowledgeable about anatomy, and her specific instructions have completely changed my strength and flexibility.

She will also modify exercises to accommodate specific needs and abilities. The classes are slow and peaceful, but the next day you discover you were using muscles you didn’t even know were there! She’s also the sweetest person alive – I cannot recommend her enough.

— Emily McGovern

+44 7308 931462

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