Level Guide

This level guide has corresponding numbers. These numbers are an indication to all classes or workshops so you know what level you want to join.

Beginner Level


Mobility 1 –
45 min weekly classes

You are either completely new to mobility and/or flexibility or you want to learn in depth correct technique for lots of movements (e.g yoga, pilates, general stretching). You want a gentle yet effective class that will give you the tools to connect better to your body and eliminate pain. Basics of breath work will also be covered in this class.

Mindful Movement 1 –
4 week course

Brand new beginner or someone who wants to build your own mobility routine from the comfort of their own home. A combination of live weekly classes, small homework activities, written and recorded content. The ultimate starter course to learn mindfulness and move better!

Mobility 3 –

You’re a comfortable mover, have good knowledge of connection to the body and the basics established. You want to build your movement journey and start learning more complicated sequences including low hand balances and using your active flexibility. These classes still remain gentle and fun.

Mobility 2 –
1 hour weekly classes

You have some experience with movement (e.g yoga, mobility, gym classes, weights etc) and you want to improve your form and feel confident to make the work a little harder. This class includes more strength based work whilst including all the goodness of breath work and release.
(Coming soon)

Mindful Movement 2 –
3 week course

Continuation from MM1, build your knowledge further, learn how to add more resistance and strength to your movements. Start learning more complex routine structures and how to get the most out of your routine. Best done after completing MM1 (Coming soon)

Mobility 4 –

Confident mover with great active flexibility. You want to learn all of the flex tricks like active splits and back bends plus hand balances. You enjoy working hard and seeing amazing results. You also know that “no pain, no gain” is not the mantra of these classes and you will still see improvement without pain.

Let’s build something great together.

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