About Evey

Who am I? Why do I want to help people?

I’m Evey, a Kiwi from Mount Maunganui – Mauao (the very background of this picture, you may have to google it) who found passion for movement and the wonders it does pain management through my own chronic illness.

From a young age I struggled with “growing pains” – now realised to be juvenile arthritis. This meant I spent years largely ignoring or masking the pain, developing poor movement patterns and not understanding how to move well or strengthen my body. Fast forward to 2014 and being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, things like multiple lumbar sprains started adding up and I was sick of managing chronic pain. I tried almost all of the medical options but medication either wore off after a few months or I struggled with intense side effects.

I was left with few options – and here started my journey with movement. Now I mostly manage my AS with diet, exercise and stress regulation (mindfulness). After spending a few years learning to manage my condition I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone else. I’ve found my movement methods beneficial to clients from all walks of life and helping soothe common problems like desk job related pain.

I’ve been teaching movement and flexibility out of pole studios for 5+ years, although I’ve enjoyed assisting dancers reach their movement potential, I limit my exposure to the general population. Most people I meet in life experience some form of movement related pain, I want to be able to help desk workers, dancers, athletes and chronic pain sufferers. From this inspiration Mindful Movement was born – a course or class for anyone and everyone who wants to expand their connection to their body and move better.

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