Evey’s classes have been a bright spot in the pandemic, helping counteract many pain issues that come from spending hours in front of the computer, and they have also made me stronger and more agile than I’ve ever been. I’ve tried many YouTube yoga classes, but there is absolutely no comparison between those and Evey’s classes. 

Evey is incredibly precise and knowledgeable about anatomy, and her specific instructions have completely changed my strength and flexibility. She will also modify exercises to accommodate specific needs and abilities. The classes are slow and peaceful, but the next day you discover you were using muscles you didn’t even know were there! She’s also the sweetest person alive – I cannot recommend her enough.
— Emily McGovern

I have been working with Evey for two and a half months, and I couldn’t recommend her more. Evey and I have been working completely online and she has listened to all my needs – I have no interest in weight loss, just a desire to learn new things and get stronger, she tailored my program to exactly that. I’m now much closer to doing a push-up, and am far more confident in my pole dancing! I love working with Evey, and would definitely recommend her as a trainer. 
– Naomi S

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